Music lessons for kids

Learning a musical instrument is such a fun and rewarding experience. Not only can it have dramatic effects on your child's confidence and well being, but there is evidence that learning music can even be linked with increased coordination and cerebral development!

The thrill of seeing their faces when they play that first chord never gets old!

I have a wealth of experience in teaching children all the way through key stage 1-5. I have successfully tutored many children with varying learning, attention and motor abilities with great success.

In the beginning, we will always stick with easy, satisfying and recognisible short tunes or, depending on what age and level they are, we may ramp things up and match standards relevant to SATS, GCSE or A-Level. Communication between you, your child and myself will help create the perfect lesson.


Josh has been brilliant with our Son. Thanks so much for getting him into music! ”

— Parent